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Information Session

Would you like to be more informed about your local aged care options?

The first step is a personalised aged care information session that will help you understand the processes, steps involved in securing care, and the local aged care service options, including a comparison of fees and charges for your preferred service providers – this will help you to build an aged care plan for the future. You will make better quality decisions with an experienced person to guide you through the aged care maze.

This aged care plan can be used to move forward with the aged care activities at your preferred timetable and pace. The family information session is ideal for family members with the time and energy to be personally involved with the activities required to secure aged care services.

This information session consists of a meeting with the family, where applicable. Telephone consultations are also available. An experienced aged care consultant will attend with your family for a period usually around one and a half hour, answering all your questions.

The aged care consultant will collect the family needs and preferences and will describe the usual steps to be completed, make the family aware of many useful hints and guidelines and answer any questions that the family may have about aged care services. The consultant is able to provide the family with all of the current rules and effective strategies relating to aged care services.

This service is a very effective way to develop a plan which can form a solid basis for a successful aged care outcomes.

The fee for the information session is payable on the day of the consultation.

The major benefit of this service is that it enables all family members to make an excellent start based upon professional knowledge and experience and the cost of the service is affordable.

Aged Care Home Shortlist

Do you need to find the best aged care service or aged care home for your elderly relative or friend? Our aged care home shortlist service is designed to help families to identify service providers which are suitable based upon the family needs and preferences.

We take the quesswork out of the all important task of selecting the right aged care service provider for your loved one.

After gathering information about the care recipient needs, location preferences, financial situation and social aspects; our experienced placement team will use their current knowledge of the local aged care service proviiders including important information about waiting list status to provide you with a shortlist of appropriate aged care service providers.

The facility shortlist can then be provided to case managers, hospital social workers or transition care co-coordinators to satisfy their need for awareness that the family has identified a number of aged care service providers in which to begin the application process.

The family can use the shortlist as a start to arranging facility visits.

The major benefit of this shortlist service is that the family can be assured that the aged care services selected have been matched to the family needs.

We follow the following steps:

  • We will provide to you a list of simple questions about your family needs and preferences. These will include care needs, location preferences, financial and personal preferences.
  • The family then provides the Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) and your family preferences to our placement team, who will immediately start work on your behalf to research current availability in your preferred locations.

Aged Care Fee Negotiation

Are you concerned about the increasing cost of aged care? Some of the aged care fees and charges can be negotiated with the service provider. Aged Care Connect specialise in aged care fee negotiation – we have been helping families pay a fair and reasonable care and accommodation payments since 2002.

Most family carers are not aware that the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) and Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) published for each room in an aged care home are their maximum values. The RADs and DAPs for a specific room can be lower than the published amount, based upon the residents financial situation.

We have been successfully negotiating residential accommodation payments (previously known as accommodation bonds) for many years.

Do you need to negotiate care fees in line with your family financial situation and preferences?

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Complete Placement Service

Aged Care Connect’s complete placement service is designed for families who require an experienced consultant and advocate from start to finish of the placement process.

Our complete placement service includes:

  • completion of a personalised family information session to gather all of the family requirements and to ensure that the family is completely aware of the current rules and regulations.
  • preparation of the aged care home shortlist
  • explanation of aged care fees and charges where applicable and negotiation of the fees
  • completion of all application and admission paperwork.
  • advocating priority on waiting lists
  • post placement settling in support

The family is assigned an aged care placement case manager who has responsibility for all activities and timetable related to arranging a successful placement.

The benefit of our complete service is that the family has peace of mind that the aged care placement is being managed by an experienced placement consultant.

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About Us

The Aged Care Connect team is experienced with all aspects of residential care:

  • awareness of the latest care options
  • understanding quality residential care
  • helping with all steps of the application process.
  • negotiating the RAD accommodation fees and related charges
  • completing the Request for Combined Assets and Income Assessment
  • informing you immediately where the vacancies are as we receive the latest availability direct from the aged care providers
  • advocating on your behalf at your preferred aged care homes.
  • providing post placement assistance during the settling in period.


RAD Negotiation "Thank you for your excellent work with reducing Dad's accommodation payment. Julie and I are thrilled with your results. I hope we can use your assistance again and we will certainly pass on your name to friends going forward. " - L. Pinkham
"Thanks for your help with everything you take that burden off peoples shoulders just by knowing the ins & outs of the industry that most of us are never exposed to. To bounce off someone ‘that knows’ is more help than you realise." - Sharon Bell
"Thank you very much for your valuable support in having mum placed at our preferred aged care facility. Mum seems to have settled in well and she is certainly being well cared for now. We will certainly recommend your services to any of our friends who need assistance in placing their loved ones into an aged care facility. Kind regards." - Peter Rodini
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