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Age Pension Current Rates

Age Pension Rates & Asset and Income Eligibility Tests

The Age Pension provides income support for eligible Australians and is indexed twice each year, on 20 March and 20 September, to apply changes in pensioners’ costs of living and community wage increases.

Eligibility is assessed on the basis of your age, residency status and an assessment of your income and assets.

Age Pension Rates from 20th March 2024 to 19th September 2024

Pension Income Single Couple Couple (Each)
Base Rate $1020.60 $1,538.60 $769.30
Pension Supplement $81.60 $123.00 $61.50
Energy Supplement $14.10 $21.20 $10.60
Total Fortnight $1,116.30 $1,682.80 $841.40
Total Annual $29,023 $42,988 $21,876