Aged Care
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Aged Care Governance Reforms

Summary of Aged Care Governance Reforms

A new consumer-focused Aged Care Act will underpin these generational reforms.

The Australian Government will invest $30.1 million to support aged care providers to improve their governance and meet stronger legislative obligations. Reviewed Aged Care Quality Standards and an "Assistant Commissioner for Sector Capability and Education" will improve corporate and clinical government capability.

$13.4 million will be used to create a local network of Department of Health aged care staff, ensuring national planning is informed by local issues and needs.

A new "Inspector-General of Aged Care" will provide independent oversight, and older people will have a voice through the "Council of Elders". A new "National Aged Care Advisory Council" will support reforms development and offer expert advice to government.

Aged Care Governance Reforms Timetable

  • Initial rollout of expanded regional network to improve local planning and understanding of needs
  • Council of Elders established to provide a direct voice to Government
  • Nation Aged Care Advisory Council established to provide expert advice to Government
  • Expanded capital infrastructure grants available to improve acess to better quality aged care services for First Nations people and those in rural and remote locations, or who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Improved services and health outcomes for people in remote and indigenous communities as a result of additional aged care funding

  • New workforce of trusted First Nations people to assist Older First Nations people navigate and access aged and disabiity care

  • Introduction of a new values-based Aged Care Act

  • Strong and effective governance of aged care is in place with senior Australians at the centre and improved care outcomes consistently delivered

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Aged Care Star Rating System

Where can I find the Star Ratings?

From , the Government has started to use the STAR RATING system for registered aged care homes (new homes will be allocated a Star Rating after 12 months of operation).

Star Ratings are displayed on the Aged Care Provider Search within the My Aged Care website.

The Star Rating is based upon 5 levels with the middle rating denoting only a minimum baseline of ‘Acceptable’ care quality and services.

Continuous Improvement

The Star Rating System has revealed that 41 % of aged care homes are performing at a 5-star (excellent) or 4-star (good) level.

Star Ratings also reveal that astonishingly 5 % are performing below the minimum standards set, receiving a dismal and disturbing (Improvement Needed) or (Significant Improvement Needed) Star Rating.

Star Rating Support

We support full public disclosure of those aged care homes that are making the effort to exceed the regulated standards and community expectations.

We also support the naming of aged care homes that do not currently provide quality levels of aged care services to the frail elderly and vulnerable members of our community.

The Star Rating system is a key component of the aim for continuous improvement to our aged care system.

Total Homes in each Star Rating level

54 homes
2.16 %

964 homes
38.56 %

1357 homes
54.28 %

Improvement Needed
119 homes
4.76 %

Major Improvement
6 homes
0.24 %



Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

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