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Oxa Care is an innovative, sparkling new aged care home located at 513 High Street Epping, Victoria

Oxa Care is a 240 room Commonwealth subsidised and regulated aged care home spanning 4 levels of hotel-style comfort and service.

The management of Oxa Care have many decades of experience, from clinical care and lifestyle activities to quality hotel services.

Moving into residential aged care is a major event in any person’s life journey and it can be a stressful time for the carer's and family. Oxa Care does its utmost to assist the new resident through the initial period of adjustment by developing a relationship of ongoing communication between you, your family and the staff.

There is a lot of information to be absorbed and sometimes this can be overwhelming. Oxa Care hope that they are able to answer many of the questions that you or your family might have and help you quickly make the transition to settle to your new home at Oxa Care.

Oxa Care Features

  • Oxa Care is a large aged care home - 240 well-sised and appointed rooms
  • All single rooms with private ensuites
  • Commonwealth subsidised through AN-ACC
  • 24/7 Registered Nurses and supporting Personal Care staff
  • Secure garden setting for your loved one's privacy and safety
  • Chapel / Church (dedicated room)
  • Large hairdressing salon
  • Well appointed cinema room
  • Close to the Northern Hospital in Epping

Lobby near Reception

Oxa Care Lobby near Reception

Lounge Area

Oxa Care lounge area

Dining Area

Oxa Care dining area

Types of Care Provided

  • Residential aged care
  • Respite care
  • Palliative Care

Bedroom Area

Oxa Care bedroom area

Cinema Room

Oxa Care cinema room


513 High Street Epping 3076 Victoria

Residents: 240 Rooms

Type: Commonwealth Regulated and Subsidised

Provider: Oxa Care


        Select RAD Amount: $


        Lump Sum RAD Paid : $

DAP :$20.20 daily

Interest rate (MPIR) is: 8.38%pa
effective 1/01/2024

MPIR increased to 8.38% pa

The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) has increased to 8.38% pa from

For a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $550,000 the equivalent Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) increases to $126.27 pd ($46,090 pa).

The Reserve Bank increased the cash rate again in November 2023, which has a flow-on impact to the MPIR. This is now the highest MPIR since January 2012 and more than double the MPIR that applied just a little over one year ago.

Also the refurbished Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) rate of $66.94 pd means an equivalent Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC) of $291,564. In June 2022 the RAC was $544,719, meaning that aged care homes that are “RAD-focused” are now less likely to look at fully supported residents if they have exceeded their 40% supported ratio, as the RAC has now dropped below $300,000.

The MPIR increase to 8.38% will have a major impact on residents as they enter an aged care home from

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