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What are Commonwealth Home Care Fees and Charges?

Commonwealth Home Care Fees and Charges encompass a range of costs that recipients may be required to pay when accessing government-subsidised home care services in Australia. These fees contribute towards covering the expenses involved in receiving care at home.

Types of Fees

These fees include basic daily fees and income-tested care fees. It's important to grasp the differences between these fees, their eligibility criteria, and how they impact the overall cost of receiving home care.

Eligibility Criteria and Assessment Process

Understanding the eligibility criteria for these fees and the assessment process is crucial. Factors such as income, assets, level of care required, and personal circumstances are taken into account when determining the fees an individual might need to pay.

Navigating Commonwealth Home Care Fees

Navigating these fees involves understanding the services covered, the fee structures, and seeking advice or support to make informed decisions regarding home care options that align with individual needs and budgets.


At Aged Care Connect, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive information and guidance on Commonwealth Home Care Fees and Charges. Our goal is to empower individuals and families to make informed decisions about home care, considering the financial aspects associated with accessing these vital services.

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