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Streamlined Aged Care Placement Services

Save your time and stress levels

You have been losing sleep - concerned about a loved one - you are finding it increasingly difficult and stressful.

You have become a carer for your relative and it is having a negative effect on your relationship with them.

The hospital has just told you that you loved one has to leave but you are unable to meet their care needs at home, even with a home care package

Home care works during the day, but at night time there is no assistance

Does this sound like your situation?

Are you finding it hard to care for a loved one and need some urgent assistance?

Aged Care Connect can provide you a prompt and appropriate aged care placement

We have the resources available now to help you immediately.

If you are concerned about leaving someone alone, or think they need to be in a more secure environment, we have the resources, detailed knowledge and contacts to move urgently and immediately to place them into interim care.

This option is available while we assess what the best outcome for that person is, until a permanent care placement becomes available, or until the person improves enough to return home.

If your loved one is anxious and you need to get them out of harms way, don't take the risk of leaving them in a vulnerable situation.

If you need to access emergency care for someone who can't return home from any reason, we can help.

Urgent/Emergency Aged Care Placement Services

At Aged Care Connect, we understand the stress and urgency involved in finding immediate care for your loved one.

Our specialised aged care placement service is dedicated to facilitating urgent or emergency aged care placements, ensuring that your family member receives the necessary care swiftly and efficiently.

How We Help:

  • Expedited Placement - With our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the aged care landscape, we expedite the placement process. While families might struggle to navigate this complex system, our expertise allows us to streamline the process significantly
  • Expertise and Support - Benefit from our experienced team who comprehensively understands the diverse needs of individuals requiring urgent care. We offer guidance and support tailored to your specific situation, ensuring the best possible placement for your loved one
  • Access to Networks - Through our established connections within the aged care community, we have priority access to available placements, enabling us to secure care options rapidly

Why Choose Us:

  • Efficiency - We prioritise urgent placements, significantly reducing the time it takes for your loved one to receive the care they need
  • Personalised Service - Our team provides compassionate and personalised assistance, considering the unique requirements and preferences of your family member
  • Relief and Peace of Mind - Let us alleviate the stress of finding urgent care by handling the process efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on supporting your loved one during this critical time

Contact us now - to discuss your urgent or emergency aged care placement needs.

Trust Aged Care Connect to provide the expert guidance and support required during this challenging period for your family.

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