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Aged Care Connect was established in 2002 after observing the difficulties that families encountered when they approached the task of placing a relative into residential care.

"Among the many ways that we support families in finding Mum or Dad quality residential aged care, most are based on using our detailed knowledge and experience. However, family clients have told us that the major benefit is to have a caring person actively listening and involved as the Family navigates their journey through the aged care placement maze." Liz Carroll (Aged Care Connect - Founder)


  • Each person requiring aged care is a unique individual with different life experiences and their own specific needs
  • Each person requiring aged care should be treated with utmost respect and their dignity is to be protected at all times; no matter what health care needs they require
  • Our service must always reduce the anxiety and stress for the family carer by providing accurate and current information and sharing experiences of other family carers who have faced similar situations

Each new family approaching the emotional task had very similar concerns, undertook the same activities, devoting time and effort only to uncover the same information and made the same mistakes as families that had gone before them.

There had to be a better way to complete this process and to achieve a positive outcome for the family.

We set about to completely understand all aspects of aged care placement ranging from the categories and alternatives available, the way in which the financials are calculated, the quality of care and lifestyle activities delivered by the different aged care providers and emotional aspects commonly experienced by the family.

We made it our single purpose to be able to provide information to our new family clients to reduce the level of anxiety and stress.

The team at Aged Care Connect have assisted many family clients through the aged care maze.

Our Managers have completed the Quality Assessors course conducted by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, providing the understanding of the requirements that the Commonwealth has specified in relation to the provision of quality residential care.

This awareness of quality standards in Australia's aged care system combined with the experiences gained through working with many families means that we are at the forefront of understanding all aspects of aged care placement.

We would welcome sharing our knowledge and experience about aged care placement with you and being personally involved with your family during this most important time.


  • to be a highly respected aged care placement service; to be respected for the quality of our service, our professional and compassionate staff and the outcomes that we have achieved for our family clients
  • to improve and grow our business so that we can assist more families, without affecting the high quality of our service provided to each individual and their family
  • to provide a satisfying working environment for our team members, which maximises their skills, experiences and, above all, their personal satisfaction in helping our family clients

Making a more informed decision about residential aged care placement

The team at Aged Care Connect are specialists in aged care placement and have been helping families with aged care placement since 2002.

There is no substitute for this experience and extensive knowledge gained from working for families going through the same issues that you may be facing today.

Many families have benefited from our private and independent advice and placement read our family client comments about our service.

During this journey, we have gathered useful information and insights into all aspects of aged care placement.

If you're still at a loss as to where or how to begin your aged care placement activities, contact us now and we can help you get started.

Our staff are compassionate and have empathy for your family situation during this difficult time.

Knowing that your loved one resides in a caring, calm and tranquil environment will give you peace of mind.

At the least, explore information on our website and maybe find something useful that has a direct impact upon assisting you and your loved one during the aged care placement process.

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