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Easy steps to Aged Care Advice and Placement

The Aged Care Connect placement team have been helping families understand Aged Care options since 2002.

  • Benefit from our experience working with families who had navigated the same path you are facing today.
  • Along the journey, we have collected information and insights into all aspects of Aged Care.
  • If you are at a loss as to where or how to begin, contact us and we can share our experience and knowledge with you.
  • Knowing that your relative is receiving the best possible care at a fair cost will give you great peace of mind.

Aged Care Advice, Placement and Advocacy Services

The Aged Care Connect team has the experience to assist you with all the important decisions about Aged Care:

  • be aware of all the current options available.
  • find and secure quality aged care accommodation.
  • help with all steps of the care application process.
  • negotiate the RAD accommodation fees and associated charges.
  • complete and submit all required paperwork, including the Request for Combined Assets and Income Assessment (SA457) form.
  • inform you immediately where the availabilities are as we receive the latest information direct from the aged care providers.
  • advocate on your behalf through the wait-list process at your preferred aged care homes.
  • provide post placement assistance during the settling in period.

Key Skills

The Aged Care Connect team are able to:

  • Provide you with independent and unbiased advice about aged care options, including residential care and home care options.
  • Explain the strengths and features of individual aged care homes so that you can make valid comparisons and more informed decisions.
  • Match the appropriate options, care and accommodation to your family needs ensuring care level, location preferences, financial situation and social aspects are all considered and met.
  • Arrange visits to aged care homes, including transport if needed.
  • Complete preliminary documentation such as the Request for Asset Assessment to Centrelink / DVA.
  • Complete and lodge placement application paperwork.
  • Achieve fast notification and response to vacancies.
  • Negotiate the RAD and extra service fees to achieve the optimal financial arrangement for your family.
  • Provide advocacy and support during and after the settling in period.

Benefits of using the Aged Care Connect placement service

Dont struggle to understand all of the options available by your own, without professional and experienced help, this is a too important decision.

  • You will be assisted by an experienced aged care advisory and placement team.
  • You will not need to rush around, wasting time visiting aged care service providers which are either not suitable or have no prospect of placement in the near future.
  • You will minimise the time, effort and stress usually involved in finding the right aged care solution.
  • You will receive unbiased information and recommendations, we are not affiliated with any aged care operator or financial planning firm.

Selecting the right aged care option

If selecting the right aged care option simply involved just browsing online aged care directories or reading glossy advertising material!

  • A complete assessment of care, accommodation, and lifestyle services provided by an aged care provider requires time-consuming research that goes well beyond images and content provided by the aged care providers.
  • There are a large number of factors to consider, so choosing the right aged care option for your family member can become a daunting task for the unprepared.
Liz Carroll - Business Manager - Aged Care Placement and Senior Relocation Service, Contact Details and Location

Liz Carroll
Business Manager
Aged Care Connect

We can help you navigate the Aged Care maze.
Making the move to aged care a positive experience for your loved one and your family.

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