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Care Provider Shortlisting

Our care provider shortlisting service is designed to assist families to identify at least six care providers which are suitable based upon the family needs and preferences. We take the quesswork out of the all important task of selecting the right care provider for your loved one.

After gathering information about the care recipient needs, location preferences, financial situation and social aspects; our experienced placement team will use their current knowledge of the local aged care homes including important information about waiting list status to provide you with a shortlist of appropriate aged care facilities.

For an aged care home shortlist, the selected providers can then be given to case managers, hospital social workers or transition care co-coordinators to satisfy their need for awareness that the family has identified a number of aged care homes in which to begin the application process.

The family can use the shortlist as a start to arranging facility visits.

The major benefit of this service is that the family can be assured that the care providers selected have been matched to the family needs.

We follow the following steps:

  • Contact us by using our simple enquiry form.
  • We will email a list of simple questions about your family needs and preferences. These will include care needs, location preferences, financial and personal preferences.
  • Email a copy of the Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) or Referral Codes to our placement team, who will immediately start work on your behalf to research current availability in your preferred locations.
  • The list of recommended aged care facilities will contain at least six aged care homes which are appropriate to your family needs. The list will contain links to the aged care homes so that you can undertake further contact with the homes to make the applications. You will reduce the liklihood of contacting aged care homes that are not applicable.
  • Contact the aged care homes on our facility shortlist to arrange appointments to view the facilities. The family can then choose the facilities which are preferred and can submit applications. If the family requires additional services at this stage, you can simply discuss your requirements with our friendly placement team.The family can use the shortlist as a start to arranging facility visits.

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