Aged Care Fees Negotiation

Aged care accommodation fees (the Refundable Accommodation Deposit) can be negotiated !

Aged Care Fees Negotiation
Aged Care Fees Negotiation is one of our most popular services – aged care accommodation fees have always been negotiable with an aged care provider. The Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is an arbitary “maximum” amount set by the aged care provider and published on the aged care providers website. However, residents can and many do enter that aged care home paying less than the published maximum RAD. Like to know the conditions when it is easy to negotiate RAD’s – contact us.

We have been negotiating bonds, RAD’s and other aged care fees for many years

Many times we have discussed the required RAD with the provider and have managed to reduce the RAD for our resident – many families are unaware that you are not obliged to discuss with the aged care provider the result (of the asset assessment) when negotiating a RAD, unless you choose to.

When your elderly relative has been placed into an aged care home prior to financial arrangements being agreed or finalised with the aged care provider, the family can choose to employ our RAD negotiation specialist to negotiate the RAD or additional service fees with the aged care provider.

Our RAD Negotiation service works really well for families who have already selected the aged care home but have not yet agreed on the relevant accommodation fees or additional service fees with the aged care provider.

Like to reduce the aged care accommodation fees for your elderly relative ?

Understandably, many families do not wish to directly negotiate fees with aged care providers when the subject of those fees involves a loved one – however, often the aged care provider capitalises on that fact and charges the “maximum” RAD. By using our RAD specialist as a broker, family clients remove themselves from this activity and will achieve a better financial outcome. An experienced RAD specialist can work on your behalf employing steps and strategies that have been proven successful when negotiating residential aged care fees with the aged care provider. The benefit to you of our RAD negotiation service is that it reduces the cost of residential aged care.