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Do you need assistance with Aged Care Placement?

The solution to successfully placing your loved one into a quality aged care home can be made easier.

Your journey will be made that much less stressful if you have an experienced aged care placement team to guide you through each step.

Would you like to find the timely solution which will perfectly match your family needs and ease your worries?

Aged Care Connect has been providing independent advice and assistance with all aspects of residential care placement since 2002.

This assistance is available from our recognised residential care specialists:

  • Ensuring that the short-listed care homes properly match your family requirements in care services, location and proximity to supportive family members, financial affordability and personal preferences.
  • Saving you time by using our direct access to a trusted network of local admission coordinators and accurate up to date vacancy registers.
  • Allowing our coordinators to arrange appointments, submit the application paperwork, financial assessment forms and complete accommodation fee (RAD) negotiation on your behalf.

Aged Care Placement Referrals

We receive referrals from local families, not-for-profit community organisations, public and private hospitals, rehabilitation services, transition care programs, interim care services, short-term restorative care programs, community and home care service providers, retirement villages, aged care assessment teams, RSL welfare officers, financial planners and legal professionals.

Make an informed decision about aged care placement

Aged Care Connect are specialists in aged care placement and have been helping families with aged care placement since 2002.

We have extensive knowledge and experience obtained from working with families going through the same issues that you may be facing today.

Many families have benefited from our independent advice and placement services.

Read their testimonials about our aged care placement service.

Along the journey, we have gathered useful insights into all aspects of aged care placement.

If you're still at a loss as to where or how to begin your aged care placement activities, contact us now and we can help you get started.

Our staff are selected for their compassion and have empathy for your family situation during this emotional time.

Knowing that your loved one resides in a caring, calm and tranquil environment will give you peace of mind.

At the very least, we hope you explore information on our website and find something useful that has a direct impact upon assisting you, your family, and your loved one, during the aged care placement process.

Do you have a question about aged care placement?

Still feeling overwhelmed by the aged care placement process?

To fully understand the quality of care, accommodation and lifestyle services available takes detailed research and time to get it all done.
  • What are the steps required to achieve the best placement for your elderly loved one?
  • How can you be sure that the care and accommodation option selected is the best alternative?
Placing your elderly loved one into any aged care home should never be left to chance or done in a hurry. We have already completed the research. We have the current and accurate information you need. We have been through the process many hundreds of times - and you will benefit from our experience and knowledge.

How do you choose between aged care options?

Aged Care Decisions
Choosing between the available aged care homes and making the right decision can seem overwhelming.
  • What is the quality of care at each home?
  • Are there worthwhile activity programs available?
  • Is the aged care home within my family budget?
  • Should you take a vacancy just because it is there?
  • or will you regret a hasty decision?
There are many things to consider; so choosing the right aged care home for your family can quickly become an overwhelming activity for a beginner or the unwary.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care - more reasons why it is sensible to have an experienced guide during the aged care placement activity.

The recent announcement of a Royal Commission into Aged Care and media reports regarding Retirement Villages and aged care homes has reinforced the need to seek professional assistance when placing a loved one into a RV or aged care home.

Aged Care Connect have detailed knowledge and experience in residential care placement and can make sure that you receive accurate and unbiased information.

We have developed trusted working relationships with many accommodation providers and hospitals but are not affiliated or aligned with any aged care provider or financial organisation.

We do not receive any commissions or incentives from any organisations.

Finding your way through the aged care placement maze

Many family carers have spoken with us about their experience of trying to find a quality aged care placement for their elderly loved one, and have described it as like "navigating a maze" or "walking through a minefield". It really doesn't have to be that level of stressful experience.

By using our dedicated aged care placement team, you will:
  • have a single point of contact for the whole aged care placement process
  • minimise the possibility of mistakes being made
  • minimise the costs of accommodation
  • save your valuable time and effort
  • make a more informed decison
  • reduce your stress level

Understanding your Care Options

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