Aged Care Placement

Your personal guide to navigating the aged care placement maze

aged care placement
Are you still looking for a permanent or respite aged care placement for a loved one ? Would you like to find the most appropriate vacancy in a timely and affordable manner ? Or are you unsure of how the residential care financials are calculated and would like to reduce the accommodation fee, the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), requested by the aged care home ?

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Aged Care Placement, Advice and Negotiation

While we are quiet achievers of aged care placement – we will always place your loved one first and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. We have been successfully delivering quality aged care placement advice and negotiation services since 2002. In the past, we have helped many hundreds of families to successfully navigate the aged care maze ans as a result of our efforts, we have received many positive testimonials over the years and continue to enjoy a high percentage of ongoing “word of mouth” referrals.

Knowledable, Experienced and Professional Guidance

Along the way, we have gathered detailed knowledge and valuable insights into all aspects of the aged care placement process, and have compiled useful checklists and possess proven strategies to streamline and minimise the cost of aged care for our family client. We also have built a wide network of aged care provider organisations, as a result of our past work. For example, we receive immediate email notification from aged care providers when a permanent or respite vacancy occurs. Our knowledge of aged care homes cannot be surpassed. Aged care providers like to use referral agents like Aged Care Connect because we save them valuable time and effort to fill their vacancies. We also devote that extra time and effort to make sure that our family clients fully understand all aspects of the aged care placement process.

Trusted by families and referral partners alike

For the above reasons, we continue to receive requests from families like your own, aged care assessors, hospital discharge coordinators, social workers, rehabilitation services, transition care programs, home care providers, retirement villages, financial planners and legal professionals to assist with aged care placement.

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